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FZD with integrated power supply, heating and colling

FZD with integrated power supply, heating and colling

product line: Termo

FZD trench heater with installed power supply 24V DC with lamellar exchanger, heating and cooling. 


  • Easy connection of a higher number of heaters

  • Connection at long distances

  • Connection with IP67 electrical protection

  • Negligible loss of voltage

  • Easy incorporation into smart buildings

  • Model range identical to that of FRT heaters

  • Length 900-4 800 mm (in step 100 mm)

Areas of use:

  • Shopping centres, administrative buildings

  • Recreation and sport complexes, gyms, wellness

  • Conference rooms

  • Restaurants, cafés, hotels

For bigger projects where a high number of heaters are controlled simultaneously and individual sums of cabling distances are in tens of metres, it is advantageous to design FZD heater with installed power supplies. This option should be considered especially for 135 x 325 mm heaters with higher input for the maximum revolutions in cooling, if more than two units are to be installed per room.  For FZD the network need not be dimensioned upon the electrical output; the heaters are powered from their own installed power supplies. It also simplifies those projects where it is not clear until the last moment how many heaters there will be in individual rooms (for example depending on floor spaces rented in shopping centres). The connection may be flexibly modified, individual units may be easily separated and completed with a room thermostat.

 Watch installation video.

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