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The new generation of TERMO trench heaters is designed for a low voltage 24 V DC, which guarantees safety for your child's inquisitive fingers and 
easy maintenance. The small volume of water in the heat exchangers allows for rapid heating to the operating temperature.

TERMO trench heaters include a wide range of types and designs.

For larger projects, we adjust the dimensions, construction and internal arrangement of the convectors. We provide solutions for damp areas, connecting air-conditioned air. We will document the heat performance measurement to the project.

TERMO trench heaters are ideal for modern buildings, low energy houses and Green Energy projects. TERMO trench heaters are used in areas with large glazing. TERMO trench heters are installed in commercial and administrative buildings, shopping centres, vestibules and other public spaces. TERMO trench heaters are  installed in residential buildings, where they serve for heating  living rooms, corridors and entry halls, too.

The TERMO configurator is available here
The conversion table of the TERMO series is available here