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FRB with fan, heating

FRB with fan, heating

product line: Termo

FRB trench heater with lamellar exchanger and fan, humid areas

  • Use in a humid environment 

  • Conservatories, greenhouses, bathrooms, saunas 

  • Garages, warehouses, halls, stadiums 

  • Not intended for swimming pools to be submerged  

  • High heater output  

  • Safe voltage of 24 V DC 

  • Energy-saving fans 

  • Quiet operation 

  • Continuous speed control 

  • Length 700-4800 mm (in step 100 mm)

Non-corroding metal grilles are most frequently used in a damp environment. If a wooden grille is chosen, its surface must be treated accordingly. 

FRB trench heaters are constructed to be used in conditions with higher moisture and possible water condensation. The heater structure is made of stainless steel resistant even to an aggressive environment and fitted with small drainage tubes along its sides. Tangential fans provide higher resistance against water (both with their structure and electrical protection). Only metal grilles are used for FRB; if a wooden grille is used, its surface must be treated to prevent its degradation (e.g. with boat varnish).
The heater is not designed to be used in aggressive environments of pools where it can become submerged, aggressive environments with a higher concentration of chlorine or environments containing salts.
FRB trench heaters achieve high heating outputs. Tangential fans are fitted with effective electrically commuted (EC) motors functioning on the basis of the safe voltage of 24 V DC. The motors consume very little electric power. The fan speed is controlled continuously with a controlling voltage of 0….10 V DC. A room thermostat secures the correct function of all installed FRB trench heaters, compares the set and actual temperatures in the room, opens the flow of the heating medium in the exchanger and controls the fan revolutions according to the difference in the temperatures and the set mode of operation.
The use of new technologies secures optimal heating of the interior, energy savings, and the high efficiency and flexibility of heating. The trench heater is powered with safe voltage only, all components are powered with 24 V DC. The substantial range of heights and widths of trench heaters gives the designer numerous options for selecting a model with the required output for the composition of the floor in question.

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