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ISAN Radiátory s.r.o. is the biggest manufacturer of the bathroom tubular radiators in the Czech Republic. ISAN exports about 90 per cent of the production abroad, namely to the European Community markets.

ISAN is the symbol for traditional supplier, with more than 60 years of experience, providing the customers wide range of bathroom radiators ISAN MELODY, radiating convectors and lamellar radiators ISAN EXACT, ISAN EXACT ECOLITE  and ISAN NEW ECOLITE, floor convectors ISAN TERMO, tubular radiators ISAN ATOL. State-of-the-art technological procedures and progressive ideas guarantee high-quality design and technical properties.

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ISAN focuses primarily to the satisfaction of the Customer. Ecological processing with maximum respect to the environment is just in the nature of our manufacturing procedures. The company is controlled by ISO 9001:2016 system. In addition, to fulfil even the most demanding standards, all heating units meet requirements of the certification applicable to actual legal standards of individual state. Notified personnel ES1015 carried on certification process in the Engineering Test Institute Brno.