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TERMO Catalog - updated version

The updated version of the TERMO catalog featuring heating and cooling trench heaters is now available. In addition to improvements in the performance of the FRT heaters, it includes information on our new thermostat and the easy connection set.

New RTD701 digital thermostat with Wi-Fi
The RTD701 is a Wi-Fi enabled digital room thermostat designed for trench heater control for units fitted with 24 V DC EC fans and 24 V DC electrothermal actuators. Featuring Wi-Fi control and weekly time programming, it allows for efficient heating and cooling management. Voice assistant compatibility and connectivity to other SMART features make it the ideal choice for modern and smart homes.
Easy Connection Set
The Easy Connection Set facilitates quick and easy connection to the heating system, ideal for construction projects where time is of the essence. This set eliminates the need to specify and order components separately, preventing errors and further simplifying the installation process.


NEW | Akros UNI, Akros One


As of April 1, 2024, we are expanding our range of the popular Akros unit with hooks. The model is now available in 170 mm width and also in an all-electric version called Akros Uni. Moreover, we are also adding a stand-alone single-pipe model, Akros One, to the portfolio.
The Akros Uni is available in the same size configurations as the Akros with hooks. The unit's indisputable advantage is that its operation is independent of the heating system, ready to be used at any time.

             Akros Uni                         Akros One

The body of the Akros One unit consists of only a single pipe. It is available in both water and electric versions. Combining several Akros One units can add an intriguing design aspect to the interior.


The Popular Miro and Calypso Models with Center Connection


As of April 1, 2024, we are expanding our range of the popular Miro and Calypso heating units with new sizes and an optional center connection. 
Customers can now choose between a classic and center connection. This option facilitates customization of each unit to meet specific on-site requirements.
The units can also be ordered in different sizes. The Miro unit is currently available in eight variations instead of the original two. The Calypso unit also comes in a smaller size

                               Miro                                                         Calyspo 

Besides connection to the central heating system, the design of both units allows for combined as well as electric heating. In combination with the right color, they will make an attractive addition to every bathroom or interior.


New TERMO ISAN Catalog/ Improved  performance of TERMO FRT trench heaters

We are happy to inform you that our new TERMO catalog is now available with a number of interesting changes and improvements.

Improved thermal performance of selected fan assisted FRT trench heater models
The new models feature optimized heat output, quieter operation, increased efficiency and improved heating comfort.
New modern Siemens RTD201 thermostat
Enjoy reliable control over the temperature in your home with the new Siemens thermostat. It can now also be controlled remotely via a mobile app.
More air-conditioning options
The trench heater has a heating or heating/cooling function, while the air conditioning unit facilitates the distribution of conditioned air from the ductwork through bypass into the room.
New condensate removal design for FRC 0100-0175 trench heaters
The FRC 0100 0175 heating and cooling trench heaters now feature a new condensate removal design for efficient condensate drainage.


New EXACT ISAN Catalog

We are happy to inform you that our new EXACT catalog is now available with a number of interesting changes and improvements.
Standard convector design without a grille
The convectors will now be supplied without a grille as standard; however, the option to order a convector with one of the three available grilles remains. The grille matches the color of the convector.


Versatile leg and wall bracket anchoring system
The units now feature a new versatile leg and wall bracket anchoring system (irrespective of height). This allows for simpler and easier installation of the convector.

Transparent plastic holders instead of spring-loaded grille mounting
This standard helps to ensure maximum reliability and safety during use in, for example, public buildings.

A new mounting option in accordance with the German VDI 6036 Standard, Class 3
Our product range now includes a new convector mounting option with legs that comply with the German Standard, VDI 6036, Class 3. This standard helps ensure maximum reliability and safety during use in, for example, public buildings.


20 Years of ISAN


This year the ISAN brand celebrates 20 years on the market. During this time, it has developed into a major player in the domestic and foreign markets specializing in the production of heating units.

Let us take a step back in history, to the very origins of this enterprise. The year 1953 saw the founding of Univa, a company that combined glass and textile production. Over time, its portfolio was expanded to include the manufacture of furniture and radiators. In 2003, AMTEX bought the remnants of Univa, transforming it into a modern factory under AMTEX Radiátory s.r.o. Subsequently, the company acquired Opltherm s.r.o. and expanded its product range to include trench heaters. In 2003, the ISAN brand was also established, under which the heaters were marketed. It was not until 2006 that Amtex was renamed to today's ISAN Radiátory s.r.o. Much has happened in these 20 years. The company has expanded its operations beyond Europe to other countries around the world. It is investing in state-of-the-art technology and has expanded its production facilities to accommodate a greater number of orders. Furthermore, it is involved in the development of both the existing units and new product lines. All this has enabled the company to widen its customer base and to develop further. The ISAN logo itself has also evolved over these two decades. However, its color design has remained the same all this time, using a blue font on an orange background, as these two colors are very dominant and impossible to overlook. This year we decided to slightly modify the logo. We approached this task with respect and with the intention of maintaining the continuity of the brand.

ISAN's journey continues. We keep working on ourselves, constantly evolving, and improving our products, quality and services for our customers. We recognize that this is the only way we can continue to grow successfully in the future.

We would like to thank our business partners for their cooperation so far and look forward to continued success together.