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Convectors with a lamellar heat exchanger are modern heating elements used for heating office and sales areas, car showrooms, hotels and other public buildings. They are particularly suitable for places where large glazed areas such as French windows, shop windows and walls exposed to cold air need to be thermally screened.
A small water content is a prerequisite for good controllability allowing rapid heating. It reduces thermal inertia when heating and allows a rapid reaction to ambient temperature fluctuations caused by accidental heat gains, e.g. by sunlight, people staying over, electrical appliances etc.
The optimal convector function is achieved by means of a casing that creates a so-called chimney shaft. By transforming the Exact Ecolite heating element into the form of a bench, we achieve even greater functionality. It is suitable for public spaces such as libraries, schools, post office buildings, and others. 

Conversion table of the Ecolite series is available here