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Termo Dynamic

Trench heaters  series equipped with Al/Cu lamellar exchanger. A wide range of convectors with tangential fans or natural convection; heating and cooling modes.
Stainless steel tank is fixed in a massive aluminium frame. Length and height modifications, cranked or arched forms and other atypical shapes are available.
Grills: Al-roll grills, raw or stained wooden roll grills, linear grills. Colours as per the client´s wish.

A wide assortment of trench heaters, operating voltage of 230V AC. Suitable for industrial structures and specific projects due to the extensive variability.
New offer: Models with continuous speed control under the operating voltage of 24V DC (power saving fans, continuous speed regulation, 24V DC safe voltage,
control in the range of 0-10V, Al/Cu heating exchanger, integration to BMS- System).